Sunday, March 27, 2011


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DON'T GO BREAKING MY HEART (DAN SUN NAM NUI) two days ago held a Shanghai premiere. Louis Koo Tin Lok and Gao Yuanyuan attended. They joked that with Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho) they could not form the Chinese character "mad" so they could romantically be in a world of two in peace. Earlier the film's Shanghai screening response was hot. Viewers had a particularly deep impression of the film's 36 ways to get a girl. Koo Tin Lok said that romance could be recreated. Guys could learn from many points in the film.

Goo Jai also said that the film's biggest point was not who Gao Yuanyuan ended up with but the romantic ways in the film. "Although sports cars and mansions require money, romantic ideas can still be learned from." For their love, Koo Tin Lok and Ng Yin Cho came up with their own ways: throwing cash around and buying sports cars and mansions, doing magic tricks to be romantic, dancing passionately at midnight, and brawling like children. Koo Tin Lok and Ng Yin Cho performed air delivery of love, as they posted a variety of smiling faces on the office windows to cheer up Gao Yuanyuan who was in the building across the street.

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