Wednesday, March 30, 2011


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Yesterday Joyce Cheng Yun Yi, Liu Xuan, Chow Chung and others attended a Radio Hong Kong Elderly Famine 8 Hour promotional event. Speaking of god father Tang Kwong Wing's passing, Yun Yi like others friends and family thought it was very sudden. Two nights ago friends kept calling her. Finally God mother informed her of the news. Yun Yi said, "I thought very sudden, I didn't know God Father had heart disease. Normally he exercised, played golf, took walks and trained with weights, so it was very hard to accept." At Lydia Shum Din Ha's memorial event, Tang Kwong Wing publicly criticized Adam Cheng Siu Chau. Reportedly Yun Yi was at odds with her God Father after that. Yun Yi said, "Absolutely not, the final time I saw God Father was at God Mother's birthday party last year. Actually God Father has always been against me joining show business, but I was touched when he said if I needed a helping hand I should ask him. He definitely would help." Yun Yi honestly said that she regretted the most about not playing golf with God Father. She said, "Because God Father constantly pinched my waist, made fun of me being fat and wanted me to play golf with him to lose weight." Chow Chung and Leung Shun Yin never worked with Tang Kwong Wing, but Chow Chung at Shek Kin's funeral saw Tang Kwong Wing helping out at the altar. He thought he was very honorable. Leung Shun Yin thought that he was quite a gentleman.

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