Wednesday, March 9, 2011


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Wong Jing, Jessica Xu (Tsui Ji Yin), Carol Yeung Chi Yiu, Jiang Yi earlier appeared on a Cable Entertainment News program to promote MEN SUDDENLY IN LOVE (MAN NAM GWUN SEI DUI). On the program everyone thought about the subject of a cheating boyfriend. Carol was the most generous. She said that as long as her husband did not let her know she could treat it as though nothing happened. However if he was her boyfriend she could not accept it. She also understood being with one person for a long time was very boring.

Many female stars had to rely on "career line" to stand out. Carol said that everything was company arranged, event requested and following public opinion. Jessica said that she did not know whether she was considered sexy but she would dress according to the occasion and respect the event.

MEN SUDDENLY IN LOVE's poster had a slogan "10 out of 10 men screw around, when they go out to screw they have to have class". Wong Jing said that "screwing around" referred to developing non extended sexual relationships, which had to be handled with skills. He honestly
said that he used to screw around but now he did not. However he has always had class. He pointed out that every person's definition of a good man was different. He thought Eason Chan Yik Shun, Nat Chan Pak Cheung and Andy Lau Tak Wa were all good men.

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