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BIAN DI LANG YAN yesterday held a production start press conference in Hengdian. The film starred Peter Ho Yun Tung, Tony Leung Ka Fai, Mainland actor Xiao Songjia, Mickey He Shengming and John Woo's daughter Angeles Woo (Ng Fei Ha). In the film Ho Yun Tung played a sniper, his first military character.

Speaking of the character, Ho Yun Tung said, "My pressure is enormous because it is the first time I play a soldier, the role is very heavy and in particular co-starring with Best Actor Big Brother Leung Ka Fai, I have to get it my all." Director David Wu Dai Wai hoped to create a Chinese version of GONE WITH THE WIND for this Lunar New Year to reach the same box office height as LET THE BULLET FLY did last year.

Leung Ka Fai said that Peter landed the role not only due to his tough look and excellent acting but also his honest but humorous personality. Another character in the film, the portrayer of Ghost Shadow, knew he had to be in a nude scene with Peter actually went through a week without rice! Peter said, when he saw the ghost shadow in the film he could not sleep or eat. After work no matter how tired he was he still went to the gym to train. After the training he did not dare to eat anything.

Because the film was about war, it had many gun fight and explosion scenes. To ensure every actor's safety, the team heavily insured them and arranged for 24 hour professional medical team to be on hand. The team also set up an explosion safety knowledge lecture to catch the workers up on safety knowledge. Ho Yun Tung also shared some safety precaution procedures that he experienced in his career and urged everyone that safety came first.

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