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Donnie Yen Chi tan earlier completed the production of THE MONKEY KING (DAI LAU TIN GUNG). Two days ago he attended a medical product even and revealed that he will rest for half a year. He not only had to be with his family but also study martial arts in preparation for his end of the year action film production.

Earlier he went with his wife to the doctors, he pointed out that everyone was too sensitive. Although during the past four months of THE MONKEY KING production in Beijing he had to play Sun Wukong and be the film's action director, he remained in great condition despite the hardship. He only caught the occasional flu from the crew. He stressed that his health was great. He only had a little airway sensitivity, but his wife dragged him to see his doctor. He said, "I have such a thick martial art background, how can I 'fall' so easily!" However he admitted that in the last two years he has been to busy with movies and overlooked his family. He will rest for half a year to make up to them.

Chi Tan said during his half a year off he would like to put more time to be with his children and hoped to settle himself down a little. In recent years he played many characters and made many costume films, so he would like to play a modern film. He hoped to be able to make at the end of the year and bring more pleasant surprises to everyone action wise.

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