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The film ROAD TO DAWN (YEH, MING) is about Dr. Sun Yat-Sen's revolutionary experience in Penang, Malaysia. Angelica Lee Sinjie in the film played the rich girl Xu Danrong, who gradually was under the influence of his personal charm and secretly supported Dr. Sun Yat-Sen's career. In order to bring back the Southeast Asian sights and sounds, the team chose to shoot on location in Penang. Lee Sinjie could not be more excited.

Lee Sinjie said, "I left home when I was in high school and made movies in Taiwan and Hong Kong. I never had the chance to return home to make a movie, so I feel truly touched by this chance to return home." Her mood was already great from returning home, with the change from her usual suspense film genre to play a positive and sunny girl Lee Sinjie felt very fresh.

Lee Sinjie continued, "Danrong was a very innocent and very passionate character. With Penang's climate, this environment and my own costumes I felt different from the characters I played before, very comfortable, very happy, very natural." However, happy Lee Sinjie also
had regrets during the shoot. In one scene Danrong crashed into a car. Lee Sinjie was not brave enough and could only asked a male compatriot to be her double. He put on braids and high heels for the performance, but this double did not resemble a girl during the crash. After several bad takes finally they accepted one take. Lee Sinjie could not be more sorry.

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