Thursday, March 31, 2011


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Karen Mok Man Wai who just returned from South Africa stayed in Hong Kong for half a day before rushing to Beijing and Shanghai to promote her upcoming Mainland film release THE LAW OF ATTRACTION. Karen and Taiwan director and actor Leon Dai for the first time officially. Although they performed in the film TEMPTING HEART (SUM DUNG) over ten years ago, they did not have any official scene together. Thus this time was considered their first collaboration. In the film they played a couple who have been married for seven years and began to have problems. The husband finally discovered his wife's affair, thus someone deliberately created an accident. Yet after the accident they were able to pick up their initial love again.

Karen said that working with Leon Dai felt great, especially because he was also the director. Before the shoot they were able to properly communicate and she was made to get into the character easier. During the passion scene they had no embarrassment and performed very naturally. Karen said, "This time I learned a lot, working with Director Dai I came out ahead. (What is the key for a couple getting along?) I am not married yet, I really don't know how to answer. However I feel they have to learn to appreciate each other, whether good or bad they have to learn to tolerate." Because Karen's character was injured in an accident, most of the time she had to put on wound make up. However she thought she was more beautiful and even joked, "Honestly, I have never seen a complete facial injury that looked so pretty."

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