Monday, March 21, 2011


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Right: Rose Chan Ka Wun, Li Feier, Law Lan, Cica Zhou Weitong
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Master of a generation Lau Ka Leung yesterday attended the Hong Kong International Film Festival press conference to promote his new film HUNG KUEN (HUNG FIST). His son Lau Wing Kin also attended. His brother Lau Ka Wing will be the film's action director. Lau Ka Wing displayed his kung fu on the spot and said that his brother Ka Leung supported him infinitely. However Master Ka Leung did not accept any interview. He looked great. Law Lan, Li Feier, Cica Zhou Weitong, and Rose Chan Ka Wun will work together on the ghost film MING FUN (DEAD MARRIAGE). Chan Ka Wun said that she will work on several films, some will be dramatic and some will be action. After her rumors with Raymond Lam Fung, was she more recognized? She said not to say that and not to believe some misunderstood reports. She hoped that everyone would recognize her for her work.

Chan Ka Wun said that she did not have Lam Fung's number so she did not comfort her. She only hoped that his problem would pass soon. Li Feier was linked to Huang Xiaoming. Did she know that Huang Xiaoming will attend the Hong Kong Film Festival as well? She heard but when asked whether she dated or linked in rumors with Huang Xiaoming, she avoided the topic and only said that it was a long time ago. Would seeing Huang Xiaoming be awkward? She said that they not have run into each other yet. She said that she was not seeing anyone now and would like to if she had a chance.

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