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Donnie Yen Chi Tan described THE LOST BLADESMAN (GUAN WON CHEUNG) as the most challenging character in his career. Whether in look or feel, he was drastically different from this well known historical figure. Finally the film company's sincerity moved him. He could only like Lord Guan cross five passes and slay six generals, including looking for information online and from comic books and eating to gain weight. The funniest though was during his research, Chi Tan thought that comic book's fictional ideas were real. He read the wrong book for the wrong information, making him the laughing stock of directors Alan Mak Siu Fai and Felix Chong Man Keung.

Chi Tan said, "During that period I looked for information online everyday and familiarized myself with RECORDS OF THREE KINGDOMS like I was cramming for a big exam. I studied harder than my daughters at school. However I tried to see comic books about Lord Guan and thought the story was real. Later I realized that the story was purely fictional, finally Mak Chong made fun of me." In addition, Chi Tan also had to "inflate" his body in a short time to create a well built impression. Finally he had five meals a day to gain weight and got into even better shape.

Chi Tan at first had zero confidence to play Guan Yunchang. Finally "Mak Chong" said something that revived all of his confidence. Chong Man Keung was pleased with himself. "I remember one day I told the story of THE LOST BLADESMAN to Chi Tan, he suddenly said with a little frustration that he had no confidence in getting into this character. So I comforted him, 'You actually are Lord Guan. Now you are the best fighter in the entire universe, but everyone say that you don't know how to act. Now I am giving you someone who is the best fighter and full of ambitions, you want to change this world but everyone are against you. Now I am having you a chance, are you willing to take it?' After that, he completely understood." However that day Chong Man Keung mercilessly made fun of Chi Tan, yelling at him that since getting into the business he never learned to read scripts. However, "Mak Chong" even praised Chi Tan for bringing the Guan Yunchang before Lord Guan to life.

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