Tuesday, March 15, 2011


courtesy of takungpao.com

The first annual Beijing International Film Festival yesterday held a press conference and announced its choice of image ambassador. The committee will team up with Jackie Chan and Zhang Ziyi to promote its first film season. Both were very honored to have such an opportunity.

The Beijing International Film Festival committee on December 2010 launched an image ambassador selection event, through "public recommendation", "individual recommendation", "organization recommendation" and other channels an image ambassador was selected. According to the committee's rules, the film season' image ambassador had to have a serious and healthy image, be friendly, charitable and have high recognition and influence in and out of the country; strong integration quality, deep cultural background, in depth understanding and unique view of the film industry and Beijing culture, well known film work, excellent on screen image. The committee after almost three months of evaluation confirmed Jackie Chan and Zhang Ziyi to be this year's image ambassadors.

At the certificate acceptance ceremony Jackie Chan and Zhang Ziyi both said that they were very honored to be a part of the first Beijing International Film season. Zhang Ziyi also said that she persisted her love, pursuit and determination for film until today, which would also be the driving force for her as the ambassador. Jackie Chan hoped that the Beijing International Film season would be a century project. He hoped that it would be able to be like Venice and Cannes Film Festivals, a place for all film people to dream.

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