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The Eason Chan Yik Shun, Rene Liu (Lau Yeuk Ying) and Bai Bing starred romantic comedy MR. & MRS. SINGLE (YUN FUN NAM NUI) will open in Hong Kong on April 14. Although this is a romantic comedy that should be easier to make, Eason knew his own pain because the seemingly very easily handled dating scenes actually were painful beyond description.

In the film Eason and Bai Bing played a loving couple and constantly had to make sweet display. In one scene they were at the market and they were flirting and feeding each other. The director asked Bai Bing fed orange to Eason, but the orange was unusually sour and had to swallow. For Eason who never liked sourness it was even worse, but the professional Eason did not complain and did not mind several more takes for the director to choose from.

In another scene Eason carried Bai Bing down a busy city street, but Eason went back and forth over ten times. With the temperature reaching 40 degrees Celsius, he had a tough time in a suit. Visiting fans immediately brought his towels and ice water. Bai Bing also said with embarrassment, "Two days before the shoot I already didn't eat much, but that day was truly too hot. Luckily he was in good shape. After resting awhile he was as active as he usually was!"

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