Sunday, March 20, 2011


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Hong Kong Film New Action -- Beyond Box Office Symposium will take place on March 22 and 23 at the Convention Center. The event consists of six topics. Industry personnel from three lands on both sides of the strait, Asia and overseas will gather to examine them. Yesterday the Hong Kong Film Development Council member Shi Nansun called for a press conference to introduce the event and said that the goal was to look at the Asian film industry changes and discuss film industry and other creative industry's collaborating business opportunities.

Shi Nansun pointed out that now Mainland video channel sites are popular. As a free programs online become more commonplace, Hong Kong film copyright revenues and distributors suffer. However the Mainland government is interested in strengthening film copyright protection, promoting legal online distribution as Mainland video sites have hope to develop into legal television program distribution, broadcast and sales primary platform. The move will bring new business operation means to Hong Kong film industry and thus the film council would like to find new directions and methods through the symposium.

Shi Nansun revealed that now the Mainland and Korea have already movie viewing on phones. Thus the symposium will also discuss how to explore more platforms to watch movies and increase revenue. She pointed out that in the past film's primary revenue depended on box office, then royalty and advertising. India also did well with advertising royalty revenue, like watching a movie online and on the phone charged more. If before the opening or in the end adding advertising a lower rate was charged. The cheapest was with advertising in the middle. These were all decent ways to increase film revenue and could be called "beyond box office".

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