Sunday, March 20, 2011


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Famous athletic label Adidas two nights ago held an event in Shanghai as spokespeople and image ambassadors of its various lines attended, including Eason Chan Yik Shun, Ethan Juan (Yuen King Tin), Pakho Chau, Li Bingbing and AngelabBaby. THe event arranged for guests to perform. Edison Chen Koon Hei and Sam Lee Chan Sam appeared on the stage together. The event invited internationally renowned DJ Jus Ske and DJ Spenny as guests. When asked about Raymond Lam Fung and Mavis Pan Shuangshuang's intimate photo leak, Edison confidently said, "If you run into trouble just think of me! In recent years I have run into so much trouble. Today I can still sit here to be interviewed. Hard work and more hard worker will bring you success."

Yuen King Tin recently was busy with the Peter Chan Ho Sun film FLYING GUILLOTINE (HUET DIK JI). Two nights ago he took time off to attend the event in Shangahi. Siu Tin said that he has been in physical training in Beijing. Director Chan very early on sent people to Taiwan to train him. After arriving in Beijing, he had to study a variety of useful abilities with action director Yuen Bun. He spent a long time on just learning how to use the flying guillotine. Reportedly he and Huang Xiaoming fought over screen time. Siu Tin said that the rumor came out of nowhere. He and Xiaoming got along well and were very happy to train together. He said, "If we are competing, we are in a physical competition to see who trains better. I always wanted to train 'kirin arms' like his."

AngelaBaby earlier experienced the earthquake in Japan. Although she already returned to Hong Kong she was still shaken at the event two nights ago. At the end of the month she will head to Japan for work again. Since the contract was signed a long time ago, she only hoped that the earthquake effect would be lessen. Was Huang Xiaoming worried about her? Baby looked at her manager, then gave a sweet smile but did not respond. Was Xiaoming less than willing for her to go to Japan? She only smiled and not respond. Baby said that later she will be busy with the film LOVE IN SPACE (CHUEN KAU YIT LUEN). Earlier she had a chance to work with Andy Lau Tak Wa in the film FOUNDING OF A PARTY. She felt very honored. She was satisfied no matter how many scene she would end up with, because the chance to work with so many big stars was very rare.

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