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In the Patrick Kong (Yip Lim Sum) film MR. & MRS. SINGLE (YUN FUN NAM NUI), Eason Chan Yik Shun and Bai Bing played a couple. They had many scenes together and were sweeter time after time.

In one scene Chan Yik Shun personally cooked steak for Bai Bing and cheered her up very much. Before the shoot, the director asked Eason and Bai Bing to release all the love and tenderness. The director left them to their own devices. Bai Bing attentively fixed Eason's collar and Eason sweetly accepted it. Finally the director was satisfied. Bai Bing was very nervous about this kiss scene with Eason due to inexperience with them. Although it was just a peck, Bai Bing was still somewhat stiff. The experienced Eason as the elder shared his knowledge with Bai Bing and eased her tension. Bai Bing said, "He taught me when the cameras rolled, I couldn't let my real identity affect my performance. If I imagined my co-star as someone I liked or a toy, then it would be very simple. Finally I imagined Eason to be a very cute doll at home and kissed him like I normally kissed it. I never expected for it to truly work."

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