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The Alan Mak Siu Fai and Felix Chong Man Keung directed, Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Jiang Wen, Betty Sun Li starred THE LOST BLADESMAN (GUAN WON CHEUNG) keeps on unveiling character stills. Earlier Yen Chi Tan in the "fighting wealth god" poster met everyone's impression of Guan Yu's "fighting saint" image with helmet, armor, and blade as well as a beard that reached his chest and the standard Lord Guan "red face". However Guan Yu without his armor and blade also had an ordinary "casual" look that showed the other side of Lord Guan.

Director Chong Man Keung said that in comparison to past film and television work in which Lord Guan has become a deity, THE LOST BLADESMAN put its effort into returning him to someone who was "more flesh and blood". He pointed out that in the minds of many, when Guan Yu slept he would still be in an armor with his blade and his face would be exaggeratedly red. This time in THE LOST BLADESMAN Guan Yu's costumes on many occasions were not elegant. His hair and beard were very different from what everyone thought, so they would focus on returning a more realistic Guan Yu in the chaos of war.

THE LOST BLADESMAN's biggest selling point is Guan Yu's heroic story of "crossing five passes and slaying six generals". Mak Siu Fai revealed that Yen Chi Tan's version of Guan Yu not only killed all over the battlefield but also had "heroic duo face off" dramatic scenes with Jiang Wen that were just as exciting. For example Cao Cao treated Guan Yu so well, why would he still leave Cao's camp to escort the Lady back to Liu Bei. Content like this would be on display in THE LOST BLADESMAN. Mak Su Fai said that Yen Chi Tan's character in THE LOST BLADESMAN was not only a Guan Yu who could fight but also a Guan Yu who was very human. In the film Guan Yu was a person, neither Lord Guan nor a deity. He hoped that Yen Chi Tan not just played Guan Yu's prestige or how well he fought.

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