Wednesday, March 23, 2011


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Chapman To Man Jat yesterday attended the press conference for DIVA, a new film that he would produce. The film has been scheduled to start production in the middle of the year and cost over 10 million. Joey Yung Cho Yi will star as a music scene diva. The other rising diva role has not been cast yet and he was interested in new comers for the role. However he was unwilling to reveal whether he would ask Mag Lam Yun Tung who just signed with Emperor. he said, "I plan to ask all Hong Kong singers for a favor and help with the performance."

To Man Jat said that in the story the diva has romance. Has Joey recommended her close friend Denise Ho Wan Si? To Man Jat said, "The casting has not been set yet. Joey hasn't added any opinion in the script or casting." Would he look for a guy or a girl for the love interest? To Man Jat said, "Nothing is set yet. I feel if this era's love determines the sex too soon it is very outdated." Would he ask Isabella Leong Lok Si who was rumored to be interested in a comeback? To Man Jat said, "The director would cast, the company didn't have any guidance on which actor couldn't be used." Has he contacted Leong Lok Si? To Man Jat joked that he needed to dodge her. He now rarely reads gossip in order to avoid trouble. To Man Jat said, "If Leong Lok Si wants to make a movie, she would have too many choices. It would never be my turn even if I line up."

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