Sunday, March 20, 2011


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The Jackie Chan executively directed, Zhang Li directed, Winston Chao (Chiu Man Suen), Jackie Chan and Li Bingbing starred war film 1911 (XINHAI REVOLUTION) after half a year of intense production yesterday announced the film's wrap in Sanya and entered its intense post production period.

The film had no less than five brutal battle scenes in wilderness, water and alley. Yesterday a series of open battlefield stills were released. The still showed many explosions and wounded soldiers. The film had many battle scenes to display the revolution pioneers' fearless spirit of sacrifice. Jackie Chan's face was bloody, Li Bingbing's face was dirty. Although the story required the looks, the set condition was rather tough. Reportedly, this scene was shot in a Liaoning mine that was over 30 square miles. It did not look like much but actually was very dangerous as it had numerous spontaneous combustion. Thus so far it has never been open to the public. The Liberation Army's "battle trench" was in a 200 meter deep shaft. Jackie Chan said, "I have never experienced such an adrenalin rush before. As soon as the production started, the entire set was in chaos. People kept falling down and the bombs blew up near you one after another. I could image how the soldiers fell in the rain of bullets. Yet our eyes were radiating, truly abandoning all thoughts of life and death."

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