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In the film DON'T GO BREAKING MY HEART (DAN SUN NAM NUI) Louis Koo Tin Lok was a sure fire lady killer. He and lead actress Gao Yuanyuan had many bed scenes. Yuanyuan said that at first she was afraid how far they would go. She communicated many times with the director before reaching an ideal standard for everyone. Because this scene took place in Yuanyuan's home, she had the home field advantage. The director thought that she should be more natural and wild, asking her to passionately sit on Goo Jai then remove her top. Yuanyuan said that on the day of the shoot she thought that she could naturally perform the scene, but Goo Jai was too humorous. During rehearsal when she sat on hi, Goo Jai joked, "Wow! Great!" They immediately cracked up and all romantic passion was lost.

Goo Jai explained that actually he did not want to deliberately be funny because when he worked on Johnnie To Kei Fung's movies he tried to avoid having too many bad takes. Only that seeing how mild mannered Gao Yuanyuan was usually and suddenly she was sitting on him and taking off her clothes, he thought that he should praise her professionalism. Seeing how she could not hold her laughter, from then on he did not dare say too much. In one scene, Yuanyuan threw Goo Jai out of her home. Goo Jai in a white tank top looked very awkward. Goo jai thought that if he had to yell at someone else it would be even more awkward. In the story he had to yell at the nosy neighbor, who was played by a costume assistant on the team. He was afraid that if he was too mean, he would end up with some grotesque costumes.

Goo Jai said that being thrown out was not his most memorable scene. The most memorable scene for him was choosing many different types of condoms next to the car. He joked that he has never many so many condoms in his hand all at once in his life and it was truly quite a scene to behold. The film company set up a cardboard cut out in Causeway Bay for anyone to fill in for Gao Yuanyuan and receive a kiss from two hunks at the same time. Many pedestrians have already taken photos at the location and caused a stir, making the property security to intervene and move the cardboard back to the wall in order to keep the traffic flowing.

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