Monday, March 21, 2011


Starting second left: Michelle Ye (Yip Shuen), Carrie Ng Ka Lai, Pat Ha Man Jik, Poon Yuen Leung
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Pat Ha Man Jik, Carrie Ng Ka Lai, Michelle Ye (Yip Shuen), and director Poon Yuen Leung appeared on Cable Entertainment News to talk about love and femininity. Several beauties even excitedly talked about the film production giving them the chance to do whatever they wanted and could not do in real life. Poon Yuen Leung wrote countless scripts over the years. This time he suddenly picked up directing, one of the reasons was running into right actors. She said, "It was very rare to be able to get Ha Man Jik and Ng Ka Lai to return to film. In addition they all radiate femininity all the time and are very suitable for the subject." After over ten years ago from film, Ha Man Jik honestly said that she made movies again completely due to fate with the director. The director also praised her for having natural talent. After years away from Hong Kong big screens, Ng Ka Lai also said that she liked to act. Only she was more low key and was somewhat afraid of Hong Kong show business.

The director praised the beautiful trio for their femininity. Did they feel they had femininity? Ha Man Jik said that femininity was natural, then adding dressing up. It also required something from within. Ng Ka Lai denied that she had femininity. She said, "Actually my mature, erotic and sexy sides all are learned from making movies. In real life I am a big klutz. Everyone completely misunderstand me." She joked that perhaps her acting was too great.

Speaking of Post 80 young people view on love, Ng Ka Lai honestly said that she longed for love before because it did not have too much materialism. Guys would put more thought on her, like personally writing a love letter or picking her up and dropping her off at work. As Post 80 Yip Shuen also said that she liked Post 70 men more. "Guys don't have to completely accommodate girls. Post 70 men feels more mature and opinionated." Yip Shuen also said that making movies could satisfy her curiosity about life. This time with HI FIDELITY (CHOOK GWAI DIK NUI YUN) she was able to do whatever she wanted! Ha Man Jik agreed, "In real life going to a duck shop would definitely lead to gossip. In the film I had no problem, I could cheat too. So I have to give my all!"

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