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The DAYS OF BEING WILD (AH FEI JING JUEN) 20th ANNIVERSARY FILM COLLECTION EXHIBIT took place yesterday at Harbor City. The event invited singer Rebecca Pan (Poon Dik Wa) to be the opening ceremony guest.

Poon Dik Wa said that she had quite a connection with Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing. When Gor Gor participated in a singing contest, she was one of the judges. She pointed out that at the time she picked Gor Gor to be the winner, but in the end he came in second. Poon Dik wa pointed out that ten years ago a Taipei interview headline was "MASTER PERFORMER POON DIK WA". At the time she thought whether she deserved that because she not only had to have the voice, the beauty and the art but also an unique aura, excellent and elegant style. At the time she thought of Gor Gor who absolutely deserved that title. She thought perfect artists were infrequent, in a hundred years a real artist would be hard to come by. Her era had Mei Lanfang, then came Gor Gor. She did not know when the next one would appear.

Poon Dik Wa pointed out that Gor Gor's every move, songs and movies made people miss him. Would she like to extend Gor Gor's spirit? She said, "Gor Gor truly is worth remembering. I don't dare to say he was the only one, but my heart thinks that way." April 1st would be the 8th anniversary of Gor Gor's passing. She will perform a farewell concert in Shantou so she would not be able to attend Gor Gor's memorial events. Every year Gor Gor's memorial event would raise fund. Over seven years it raised mostly 3 million for charity. This time a charity auction would be held to fund raise for the Hong Kong Children Cancer Foundation and Japan Red Cross.

April 1 LESLIE CHEUNG IN ASIA memorial event will also take place at the Cultural Center. In addition, from March 31 to April 3, flower presentations would take place at Central Mandarin Oriental hotel. On April 4 at Central Fringe Club a Gor Gor memorial concert would take place.

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