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The film DON't GO BREAKING MY HEART (DAN SUN NAM NUI) starred Louis Koo Tin Lok, Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho) and Gao Yuanyuan. The story was the older than dirt two men one women love triangle. Goo Jai played a financial genius who had a fast food attitude toward love. Instead Ng Yin Cho took love long and slow. They used a lot of tricks in order to win over Gao Yuanyuan's heart.

Goo Jai said that his character was a jerk who expressed the Post 80s and 90s fast food romance culture. The view on love was also flimsier and a huge comparison to Ng Yin Cho's character. Did Goo Jai have any good idea of getting girls? He said, "The most memorable part of the film was when Gao Yuanyuan forgot her keys. I had to climb four stories. At the time because I had a cruciate ligament injury, I had to personally climb up even if I was crippled. Luckily I finished it in two takes." Goo Jai said that the result was natural, without any "wire" or double. Was he concerned about his safety during the shoot? Goo Jai said, "Because I had to climb while delivering my lines, actually it was pretty high up. If I feel it would've been a big deal. If you are after a girl you have to be like this and be gutsy." Would he use similar ideas to get girls in reality? "In my teens I tried giving flowers on Valentine's Day, now I don't have time to do that. Instead after the computer rose in popularity, I could go online to look up ideas." Goo Jai said that he would not deliberate create romance. "When I chatted with friends, I realized that romance did not need to be created deliberately. Instead a shoulder already feels very secure. Also when together you have to know the other person's personality, naturally go with your heart then you are fine."

Gao Yuanyuan who worked with Johnnie To Kei Fung for the first time honestly said that at first she was confused about what the director was asking for. She said, "The first scene was very simple. I walk on the streets of Central. I thought of many ways to walk, after more than a dozen takes the director still didn't accept one. Finally the director taught me a gesture to perform. After a few more scenes I gradually understood what he wanted." As for working with Goo Jai, Gao Yuanyuan said, "Although we worked together on ROB B HOOD (BO BUI GAI WAT), we at the time had very little lines so at first we were more like strangers. Later To Sir took us to dinner and we gradually built a bond."

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