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Three of the Wynners Yip Chi Keung, Alan Tam Wing Lung, Peng Kin Sun
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Judy Ongg

Jackie Chan, Alan Tam Wing Lun

Miriam Yeung Chin Wa

Andy Hui Chi On


Michael Tse Tin Wa, Myolie Wu Hung Yi, Elaine Lok Yi Ling, Bosco Wong Chung Chak

Hacken Lee Hak Kun
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Judy Ongg (Yung Sin Yuk) thanked the people of Chinese for their assistance
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A level 9 earthquake took place in Japan on March 11, the ensuing tsunami caused many deaths and casualties and even triggered a radiation crisis. After Taiwan show business' large scale fund raiser for Japan, Hong Kong show business also started "love without border 311 candle light event". Last night over 100 Hong Kong artists held a press conference at Radio and Television Hong Kong to announce a candlelight event at the Causeway Bay Victoria Park on April 1. Last night many artists recorded the theme song SUCCUMB NOT TO SORROW to cheer on the Japanese victims and hope that they would persist despite the pain and suffering.

Yesterday over 100 artists was at RTHK. Jackie Chan was the organizer o this event. Other attending artists included Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Alan Tam Wing Lun, John Shum Kin Fun, Hacken Lee Hak Kun, Prudence Liew Mei Kwan, AngelaBaby, Theresa Fu Wing, Myolie Wu Hung Yi, Bosco Wong Chung Chak and Michael Tse Tin Wa. Each major medias TVB, Cable, ATV, Commercial Radio and now media all sent representatives.

Jackie Chan at the press conference said, "Hong Kong show business has always been very concerned with this matter but did not know where to start. This time was different from the Mainland where material could be transported. This time no plane could land and no car could reach. Now we are studying what we can do. Earlier with the Sichuan earthquake, (Judy Ongg) Yung Sin Yuk in Japan spent a month to plan a fund raiser. This time with the Japan disaster we should do something for the Japanese people. Hong Kong artists have no border differentiation, we all live in the global village. With the concept of humanity we should help each other. Earlier with the South Asia tsunami we helped out, but this time truly was somewhat rushed."

Alan said that the theme song was produced overnight with both a Japanese and a Mandarin version. Two nights ago he and Chiu Tsang Hei created it together. This theme song was based on a Japanese poem. At night over several hundred artists would record it. Some artists who could not attend later handed over recording or videos to the event. Reportedly Jacky Cheung Hok Yau and Eason Chan Yik Shun already recorded early yesterday morning. Alan said that although singers were numerous, arrangement was not difficult and said that anything that happened would be his responsibility. This recording would be first come first served. As soon as singers arrived they would be assigned which verse to sing. She said that this time the crew had the most difficult job.

Jackie Chan, Tsang Chi Wai, Andrew Lau Wai Keung and others were interviewed. Jackie Chan said that artists from India, Japan and other areas would come to Hong Kong ot attend the candlelight event. So far only Masatoshi Nakamura has been confirmed, others could not be announced yet. Jackie Chan as usual would cover the production cost. He honestly said that this time was no exception and would cover over 1 million. He said that each disaster relief package cost HK$350 with 15 day supply for each victim. Yet items like down jackets could not be shipped to Japan. Jackie Chan said that earlier he already helped with the Yunnan earthquake victims. This disaster relief was Japan, was he worried about anti Japanese sentiment? Chi Wai said no, everyone saw the news. The major disaster that they faced today we might have to face in the future. This was a global matter. This event remembered and wished Japan well. It also provided a chance for everyone to think, to let everyone know that disaster could be very terrible. Chi Wai pointed out that Lau Wai Keung would be responsible for editing the news footage. This time they wanted to let the Japanese know everyone's voice. As for why this poem was chosen to be the theme song, Chi Wai explained that because Japanese star Ken Watanabe thought this poem was very inspirational to the victims.

Jackie Chan said that each time China suffered a major disaster, Japanese fans would very enthusiastically donate to his foundation. Thus this time when they needed a helping hand, he was asked whether his fans were fine. He said that he still was unable to make contact yet. This time the location Victoria Park was chosen because it could hold 25,000 people and would take place in the format of a candlelight event. He hoped that one side would be the candlelight event for the people and the other for people to place flowers and candles. Chi Wai said that the event would take place in segments, hopefully it would be able to provide some thought and inspiration to everyone. As for admission, Chi Wai said that a donation box would be placed at the gate and urged people not to wait until the event to donate. They could donate at anytime now; the April Fool's Day was chosen mainly to accommodate the venue. He also said that artists would have fewer solo segments that night as charity came first. Speaking of the four major record label and TVB copyright issue, Chi Wai welcomed all media to broadcast the footage, but as for ethics and whether the complete version would air the media themselves would be responsible. Recently Kelly Chen Wai Lam suffered a miscarriage. Chi Wai said that she probably would not be able to attend because she did not want herself to be the focus. She believed that many people would console her and worried that she would cry herself. However Kelly would send a video to show her support.

Judy Ongg (Yung Sin Yuk) came to Hong Kong to attend the Radio and Television Hong Kong "love without border 311 candlelight event" press conference. Yung Sin Yuk thanked Jackie Chan, Alan Tam Wing Lun and everyone in Hong Kong for their support. She said that now Japan has a very hard road to take, without any drinkable water, transportation, gas or electricity. Although it was recovering bit by bit, the biggest problem was radiation. This was unprecedented in its 1200 year history. Now the people of Japanese could only wait and tolerate, hoping for one day that it would recover and rebuild their homes. She thanked everyone for their love and thanked the Chinese government for donating material to them.

The event also announced that all proceeds after expenses would be donated completely to the Salvation Army for disaster relief. Salvation Army had 120 years of history in Japan. Only their transportation team would be able to enter the disaster area. Thus this event would be held with Salvation Army. The target of the fund raiser would be providing 50,000 to 75,000 relief packages to the disaster area and help an estimate of 50,000 to 80,000 people. The package could provide 15 days of water and food, along with toothbrushes, toothpaste, towels, winter clothes and other items.

Wu Hung Yi and Wong Chung Chak last night appeared at Radio and Television Hong Kong appeared. They looked embarrassed and had to find Michael Tse Tin Wa before posing together. Wu Hung Yi would sing the Japanese version this time. She said that singing with the transliteration was not too hard. If she had time she would attend the Victoria Park candlelight event. Hung Yi pointed out that right now Japan's businesses have suffered and she hoped the Fukushima nuclear crisis would soon be resolved. She said, "My step mother lives in Tokyo so she is fine. Most of the family has already gone to Canada." Tse Tin Wa said that although the nationalities were different, he hoped for help without border. Was he worried about TVB cutting out singer performance? Tse Tin Wa pointed out that earlier this type of fund raisers have been done, now was not the time to assign blame. Everyone should think about how to deliver the message. Wong Chung Chak said that he asked his fans to donate money.

Miriam yeung Chin Wa said that she would work in Beijing on April 1 and hoped to return in time. She said that she donated money already and said that she was concerned not only with Japan but also Yunnan earthquake victims. She said that help was a long term matter. Chin Wa said that she liked going to Japan. Earlier she worked with Japanese groups and said that the assistance would last many decades. She hoped to be able to help forever. Ivana Wong Yuen Chi said that earlier she went through her wardrobe in hopes of donating some clothes for the charity auction.

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