Saturday, March 12, 2011


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Chrissie Chau Sau Na and Jim Chim Shui Man two nights ago thanked the audience for its support of their film MEN SUDDENLY IN LOVE (MAN NAM GWUN SEI DUI). They even went to two places in a row and gave away posters to viewers at the cinemas. Jim Sir also went to check out the audience response, which felt pretty good. Earlier at the premiere, his friends also came in support. At the time their emotions were very high. However the audience two nights ago was very high as well, but the scenes that they were excited about were different. Perhaps due to different areas, audience reaction was different too.

Two nights ago Chau Sau Na dressed less provocatively. She never thought about how high the box office had to be before she was willing to show off to thank the audience. As long as everyone had a good time she was fine. Ultimately it was her first comedy, some nervousness was inevitable. The good response put her at ease. However Jim Sir was full of confidence and believed the box office would reach 10 million. If so how would Chau Sau Na thank the fans? She joked and asked Chapman To Man Jat to wear a bikini. She joked that married people were more valuable. Was she trying to be sexy less? She stressed that it was unrelated, as long as the box office was good and the audience had fun. Jim Sir joked that if the box office would be good, he would ask the director to bring them to sunshine and beaches for the sequel. The best place would be Hawaii.

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