Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Liu Xuan
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Elaine Lee Yi Lam
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Liu Xuan, Elaine Lee Yi Lam, Catherine Hung Yan and her husband, Tiffany Lee Lung Yi and others two nights ago attended a lipstick event. Lee Yi Lam said that she just returned from the U.S., after a year away from Hong Kong. She said that in the U.S. she worked some film related jobs and attended film festivals. She went to many places as a personal assistant to producers. Intended on making a movie, Lee Yi Lam said that first she had to improve her Chinese and Mandarin because she wanted to work in Hong Kong. Who would she like to work with? She said, "Stephen Chow Sing Chi because I watched his movies since I was very little. He is very funny." Would she be able to afford Chow Sing Chi's salary? She said that she did not know and had to wait and see. Lee Yi Lam honestly said that behind the camera she already had a lot to do, so she had no interest to be in front of the camera. She said that her parents were very supportive not only monetarily. She said that she was the most familiar with Jackie Chan's production company in the film industry because she worked there before. She would like the chance to see him on the set and learn.

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