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Star Cheng Pei Pei, director Ann Hui On Wa and others last Sunday attended a forum about late great director King Hu (Wu Kam Chuen). Sister Pei Pei revealed that she and members of the King Hu foundation will hold a King Hu 80th birthday memorial exhibit in Massachusetts. The Taipei Film Archive that stored King Hu's items is arranging for display items to be shipped to the U.S.

When Wu Kam Chuen passed, Sister Pei Pei took care of a lot of the director's items including scripts, drawings, costumes and Director Wu's large book collection. At the time Sister Pei Pei intended to hand them to Hong Kong Film Archive for storage, but Hong Kong Film Archive just opened then and could not accept such a large donation. She said that later Taipei Film Archive was willing to accept the items. Thus Wu Kam Chuen's valuable items were stored at the Taipei Film Archive.

This year would have been Wu Kam Chuen's 80th birthday. Sister Pei Pei and the foundation members planned to organize an exhibit in Massachusetts to remember this Hong Kong director who made great contributions to Chinese film. Sister Pei Pei said that Ang Lee's CROUCHING TIGER HIDDEN DRAGON had Wu Kam Chuen film's shadow. She also said that Director Ang Lee's wuxia film style was very close to Director Wu and was just as involved in action scenes. They would know like other directors who just minded the dramatic scenes and leave the action scenes to the action director.

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