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Michelle Ye (Yip Shuen), Pat Ha Man Jik, Carrie Ng Ka Lai, William Chan Wai Ting
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Participating in the 35th Hong Kong International Film Festival, HI, FIDELITY (CHOOK GWAI DIK NUI YUN) has Pat Ha Man Jik who has not performed on screen in years as one of its focus. She hoped that with this film she would be able to win a film award. Although she received the Best Dressed award a year ago when she was a Hong Kong Film Award guest performer, she said that she no loner wanted to be a guest presenter as she wanted to accept her own award next time.

In the film Ha Man Jik and Michelle Ye (Yip Shuen) had a same sex love scene. Yip Shuen would touch her chest and kiss her. After the shoot Ha Man Jik kept crying and could not settle her mood. She explained, "Because in the story Yip Shuen has always treated me very well, in the end I realized that she loved me. At that moment I was very emotional. I believed everyone would be very satisfied with that scene." As for whether she was frightened from same sex physical contact, Ha Man Jik said, "It took place very naturally. Yip Shuen instead helped me a lot. I can't give too many details as it would lose freshness." Settled in the U.S. years ago Ha Man Jik has always paid attention to the film industry. Her favorite was SEX AND THE CITY as she imagined herself to be a character in the film. When asked whether she had the courage to play the daring character Samantha Jones, she joked that she would leave it for Carrie Ng Ka Lai. With three daughters already, Ha Man Jik was asked whether her daughter would mind her love scenes. She said, "They are grown and are in college. They are very supportive of me making movies. After I explain the story, they understand that I am acting."

Yip Shuen praised Ha Man Jik's figure as great. Because it was her first same sex love scene, before the shoot she did not dare to communicate too much with her co-star in order to avoid awkwardness. Luckily the shoot went smoothly and only took one take. She said, "Touching a girl feels wonderful because I have never done it before. On the other hand I had a bed scene with (Chapman) To Man Jat. He wasn't afraid of losing out and even show his rear in front of everyone. He was very professional." Yip Shuen also said that friends asked her whether she was bisexual. She said that she was not, but she had a wonderful feeling of admiration toward Ha Man Jik. It absolutely was not any unreasonable thought, but she joked that she and Chan Wai Ting have already become romantic rivals.

Chan Wai Ting took part in HI, FIDELITY, in which he was stuck between Ha Man Jik, Ng Ka Lai and Yip Shuen. He honestly said that he was a film industry new comer, from the veterans he learned a lot. He mentioned that the screenplay originally had a rear revealing scene, but the company finally asked it to be removed. Now he only had to be half naked. Did he lack confidence in his figure? He said, "I am not ready yet. In addition the film isn't selling sex. Actually after the shoot I haven't seen the film, so I don't know how much I actually show." Chan Wai Ting praised veteran Ha Man Jik as friendly and even dressed like a modern young woman.

Ng Ka Lai said that the film subject was rare in Hong Kong. She felt that now women are already very open, many career single women are unwilling to wed but have steady boyfriend. On the streets they would rate the opposite sex. She also encouraged women to try other men if they wanted to play, as they did not necessarily have to have any sexual relationship. Ng Ka Lai said that in preparation for the film she visited Japanese men's club and thought that the male employees were very professional and would not invest emotions. Instead female clients could easily get in too deep and develop an abnormal relationship. Ng Ka Lai honestly said that she did not dare to "order a duck". In addition she also enjoyed the single life because she already passed the age of having the marriage impulse.

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