Sunday, March 20, 2011


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Experienced director Ann Hui On Wa, Taiwan director Cheng Hsiao-Che and Commercial Radio DJ Josephine Ng (Chu Fun) two nights ago were guest presenters at the 16th Hong Kong Independent short film and video competition.

The Open Division award presenter Ann revealed that during the judging process she saw many high quality films. Would she look for film new comers among them? She said, "Looking for assistants among them would truly be wasting their talent. They should be able to make films with their own style." Ann's new film TOH JEH (PEACH SISTER) has already been completed. Because she was busy with the new film editing she might not have time to attend this year's Asian Film Award.

Speaking of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Ann's Uncle and relatives lived in Kyushu. She said, "Mama has been in contact with Uncle and learned that they are safe. We have been paying attention to television news for the latest development. (Have you planned to shoot on location in Japan?) The country should not have too much problem, but I won't deliberately shoot on location there because I don't want to add to other people's burden and trouble."

Chu Fun presented the Youth Division Special Commendation. she said that this time the jury work was tough. The event selected the short films and picked ten best for her to evaluate. Chu Fun said that she has never watched ten videos at once, but she saw how outstanding young people's work was. Many student films also had special community color, like World Expo and children problems. Her eyes were opened.

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