Tuesday, March 29, 2011


courtesy of singtao.com

The film FOUNDING OF A PARTY yesterday held a press conference in Beijing. When introducing the characters, one of the actors Michelle Ye (Yip Shuen) suddenly fainted. Liu Ye, Huang Xin and others who were next to her immediately gave her a hand. Because Yip Shuen was wearing a dress, when she was picked up the situation was somewhat awkward. Thus the event had to be halted. The host said that the lights were very hot and with the lack of airflow, Yip Shuen probably fell ill.

Later, her manager said that Yip Shuen recently has been working on the film OVERHEARD 2 (SIT TING FUNG WON 2) and with her low blood sugar her body succumbed and she fainted. She was fine. Yip Shuen in FOUNDING OF A PARTY played Communist China early woman movement leader Li Lizhuang, a revolutionary whose role was both thrilling and suspenseful.

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