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The Jingle Ma Chor Sing directed, Angelababy Yeung Wing and Eddie Peng Yu-yen starred romance LOVE YOU YOU (HA YUT LOK YAU YAU).  Recently lead actor Peng Yu-yen came to Hong Kong to be interviewed with Baby and director Ma Chor Sing.  Ma Chor Sing said that this film has been in preparation for over a year.  He admitted that at first the biggest problem that he ran into was finding a suitable beach.  Many would compare this film's location with the Sammi Cheng Sau Man and Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai) starred SUMMER HOLIDAY (HA YUT MOR MOR CHA).  Ma Chor SIng said, "At first I couldn't start production because I couldn't find a suitable beach, but later very fortunately on the eve of the production start I discovered this location.  It truly is heaven's will."  Baby also said that for the rain scene, the director originally planned to use a rain machine to create the rain effect but during the shoot real rain came.  They were very lucky.

Working with Peng Yu-Yen for the first time, Baby praised that he was a very hard working and humorous actor who constantly cheered up the team.  Peng Yu-yen also praised Baby's cheerful personality.  They had fun working together.  As for his performance, Peng Yu-yen honestly said that at first he was not used to it because the director's rhythm was very fast.  Ma Chor Sing was asked about working with Baby.  He praised Baby was a rare Hong Kong female star with potential in the next ten years.  Her emotional scenes were decent.  Peng Yu-yen was a very hard working actor and would also be very successful.  Did Baby and Peng Yu-yen have any intimate scene?  She said no.  This film was very innocent and they only had a hand holding scene.  Did she regret that?  She said, "It's OK."  Ma Chor Sing joked that he would wait until a category III film for an intimate scene.  Baby joked, "The director is a very innocent man."  Would Peng Yu-yen feel any regret about the lack of intimate scene?  He joked that like the director he too was very innocent.  He said that his relationship with Baby would not need intimate scene for everyone to sense
that feeling.

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