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For an acting break through, music industry diva Joey Yung Cho Yi is willing to make the sacrifice for art and appear half naked in her new film.  In an awkward relationship with Hu Ge in the film, Joey will receive a massage from him.  Joey even turned down eight figures in jobs for "peace and quiet" so she would be able to go further in the film industry.

Joey's film characters have been few but memorable, like the CRAZY N THE CITY (SUN GAING HUP NUI)'s silly police officer and DEMI HAUNTED (WON PAK NG CHAI)'s androgynous woman.  For even more break through on the silver screen, Emperor Motion Pictures tailored the new film DIVA for Joey.  Heiward Mak Hei Yan will direct.  Although Joey played a diva, the film will not be easy for her at all.  Joey in the new film will have to be half naked as lead actor Hu Ge will give her a massage.  To diva Joey this might be an extreme challenge.  Joey said, "Although the production hasn't started yet, I am already very nervous.  Mentally I really have to put in an effort to prepare.  Actually Hu Ge has more to prepare for than I do.  He went to learn massage and told me to relax."

Was the film salary so attractive that she was willing to turn down eight figures in jobs?  Joey joked, "I have always been more about the heart than the gold."  Joey even "boasted" that she would deliberately lose weight for the film.  "I have always been very fit, as a singer I ultimately don't want to be fat."

DIVA has already started production days ago.  Producer and actor Chapman To Man Jat often posted production progress online.  Co-star included Bonnie Xian (Sin Sik Lai); in the photo Hu Ge was full of confidence.  Although this was his first collaboration with Joey, they got along very quickly.

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