Sunday, October 16, 2011


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Taiwan artist Vivian Hsu (Tsui Yeuk Suen) two nights ago attended a product event.  Speaking of her rumored break up due to her boyfriend's unfaithfulness, she called the report untrue.  She felt very apologetic to her friends and hoped that it would not happen again.  She said, "Lately I felt like I would get struck by lightning even when I was at home.  Earlier during the entire interview none of my friends was mentioned, we only talked about the romantic film SLEEPLESS FASHION with Jai Jai (Vic Chou).  Yet the view on love in the film was not the same as the current status.  I don't know why the report would turn into this.  I thought that it was very unfair to the people involved, don't hurt my friends."  As for future romance, she said that she did not think much about it because she had no answer for the future.  At the current stage she is working hard as she always has.

In addition, her film SEEDIQ BALE has received the most Golden Horse Award nominations.  She said that she has already congratulated director Wei Te-Sheng on facebook.  She herself was very touched because she witnessed the entire team's effort.  She said, "I am very happy for the director, good box office is the most important.  It is the biggest recognition of the team and the director."

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