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The Chapman To Man Jat directed, Joey Yung Cho Yi, Mag Lam Yun Tung, Hu Ge, Bonnie Xian (Sin Sik Lai) starred film DIVA yesterday held a Mainland press conference.  The host twice described Joey as "box office poison".  To Man Jat showed support for his star, "Everyone has a chance to either be a box office poison or box office ruler.  Chow Yun Fat was box office poison in the past, now he is a lead actor with 700 million box office.  We need to see how the movie is made."  Joey said that she was not embarrassed.  She would also describe herself that way.  "At this movie people are still making movies with me, it really is a great encouragement turning the impossible to the possible.  When I started I didn't know how to dance, now I consider I do.  With more life experience I can be more in character."

Joey at first was not confident that she was able to play the character well because it had many emotional scenes and talked about many real situations in the business; Hu Ge and she in the film played a couple, as she attempted the romance that she has yet to experience in real life.  Joey said, "As soon as we got on the set we had a kiss scene.  It was very awkward, I frowned and did not dare to open my mouth.  After a few takes I gradually got used to it."  Joey praised Hu Ge's lips as soft like cotton candy.  She joked, "I haven't tried this flavor in a long time!"  Did Hu Ge meet her heart's desires?  Joey laughed and said, "It's just work, but Hu Ge indeed is 'high class goods'."  She joked that her past boyfriends were all "torn and tattered".

Speaking of Lam Yun Tung catching up to her, Joey praised that she not only could sing but also was direct.  She did not mind having new comers on her tail because the music scene needed to be stimulated with new blood.  Hu Ge was asked about his kiss scene with Joey.  He said, "For different angels we had to kiss several times, now my mouth is a little swollen, the first time it was somewhat embarrassed."

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