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The film HONG KONG GHOST STORIES (MANG GWAI OI CHING GOO SI) will open on the 27th.  Yesterday the film's directors Patrick Kong (Yip Lim Sum) and Wong Jing accepted an interview.  Yip Lim Sum pointed out that the original idea was spending several hundred thousand for a poster at the Causeway Bay MTR station, but the MTR pointed out that Chrissie Chau Sau Na and Law Chung Him's "ghost looks" were too horrifying on the poster and declined.  The film company later changed the poster but was still rejected.  Finally the poster only had the film title but it was still turned down.

Wong Jing said that the MTR in the past has accepted foreign horror film advertising and this time was under Chinese film discrimination suspicion.  He hoped that the Hong Kong Film Development Council would be able to write to the MTR for standard and guidance.  Wong Jing guessed that the rejection was because the company accepted its loss, even if it did not approve it would not be in trouble.  Yip Lim Sum also said that the posters at bus stops and on buses reduced their horror level and were adjusted.  Wong Jing yesterday introduced a new Jing Girl Tong Fei and would support her in the support.  Tong Fei is a 21 year old Beijing University communications student who took part in TREASURE HUNT (MO GA JI BO) and HONG.  Later she will star in the new film SIU GUNG JUNG MO LUM (LAUGHTER KUNG FU ROCKS THE MARTIAL ART WORLD).  He hoped to turn her into the position between Angelababy and Chau Sau Na.

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