Friday, October 21, 2011


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Tsui Hark and Jet Li (Lee Nin Kit) two days ago held a Beijing University forum to promote their 3D wu xia film FLYING SWORDS OF DRAGON GATE (LUNG MOON FEI GAP).  Lee Nin Kit who everyone referred to as "Boss Jie" sentimentally said, "When Tsui Hark saw me on the set and called me Kit Jai, all of the emotions came back."  Lee Nin Kit not only revealed the origins of the "No Shadow Kick" and Tsui Hark's action designs but also said that he and Tsui Hark discussed over 20 years of perfect fights.  After the 3D production, the perfect action finally took shape.

At the event, they also revealed secrets.  Lee Nin Kit said that they have actually known each other for over 20 years, but have not worked together for 20 years.  When they saw each other they had a relationship that was beyond description.  When the official shoot began, Tsui Hark suddenly called him "Kit Jai" and he could not be more moved.  "Now everyone calls me Boss Jie, only he would call me Kit Jai.  I immediately felt like we went back to when I first met him.  The chemistry from working together before gradually returned."

In the eyes of many, Tsui Hark was film industry giant who stuck to his own style and dared to innovate.  Sometimes people would think his ideas were mad.  Lee Nin Kit said, "Madness and madman only differ by a few letters, but successful madness can lead a trend."  Tsui Hark is the classic example of successful madness.

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