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The Hong Kong film and television industry celebrates the People's Republic of China 62nd anniversary and the Chinese Film Panorama 2011 took place two nights ago.  This time the film festival will take place between October 24 to November 20 as 9 different style Mainland films will be screened.  Two of them THE PIANO IN A FACTORY director Zhang Meng and lead actor Qin Hailu and 72 MARTYRS director Derek Chiu Sung Kei and actress Irene Wan Bik Ha attended.  Other guests included the current Miss Hong Kong Rebecca Zhu and Whitney Hui, Wong Jing, Liu Kai Chi, Raymond Wong Pak Ming and Teddy Robin Kwan.

Wan Bik ha two nights ago dressed up for the occasion.  She humbly said, "OK!"  Her film MARTYRS two nights ago was screened and Monday will be the official premiere.  Will she be sexier at the premiere?  She said that she did not know yet and hoped to have pleasant surprise.  Qin Hailu two nights ago was just as sexy as Wan Bik Ha.  She said, "No, no, Miss Hong Kong is sexier than me!  Evening gowns are either low cut or bare back!  (Are you confident about your figure?)  No no."

Qin Hailu revealed that she just came to Hong Kong in March for A SIMPLE LIFE (TOH JEH).  Earlier she was approved for Quality Migrant Admission Scheme to come to Hong Kong, when will she settle down?  She said that right now she is working hard to pay taxes to the Hong Kong government.  She also said that when she applied she asked whether she needed to stay in Hong Kong for awhile, but the authorities understood that her business required her to stay with the production.  She said, "This year has truly been very busy.  I haven't even been in Beijing for too long."  Speaking of Huang Yi and Huo Siyan online war, Qin Hailu said that she was not familiar with either.  As for her own love life, she said that she did not want it to be too publicized.  The current trend was a flash wedding, would she follow suit?  She shook her head and said, "I wouldn't do it to be trendy.  One second decisions are very hard to say."

With so many filmmakers on hand, did Rebecca Zhu and Whitney Hui recommend themselves for movies?  Whitney Hui said that she would not because they were guests.  Rebecca Zhu said that she did not know about her chance to make TURNING POINT EXTREME (LAUGHING GOR ji CHIM JUI FAN).

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