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Taiwan hit film YOU ARE THE APPLE OF MY EYE since its Thursday Hong Kong opening has been on a roll.  In the past weekend it continued to sell out every show.  In the afternoon and evening peaks some cinemas even added screens last minute and sold out every one immediately.  The film not only has topped the box office daily but also broken the Hong Kong record.

According to the Motion Picture Industry Association information, YOU in its first four days including advanced screenings already accumulated HK$11,525,621, the number broke many Hong Kong box office
records including the October first opening weekend highest box office, a record that INFERNAL AFFAIRS 2 (MO GAN DOH 2) created in 2003 and maintained for eight years; it also became the highest grossing opening weekend for a Taiwan film in Hong Kong, surpassing LUST, CAUTION; the most viewers in first four days of release in Hong Kong in 2011 with 211,163 people, surpassing 3D SEX AND ZEN: EXTREME ECSTASY;  2011 first four day 2D film total box office.  The situation in Macau was even more incredible, Saturday and Sunday its City Hall cinema single screen box office already reached 100,000 as the admission rate was near 100%.  The line even extended past the street.  Viewers had to wait over a hour to be able to buy a ticket.  No wonder some fans posted on facebook, "It was even more ridiculous than going on Disneyland rides".

Currently at the 24th Tokyo International Film Festival, director Giddens Ko and leads Ko Chen-Tung and Michelle Chen heard the Hong Kong box office success and could not be more moved.  Giddens Ko even expressed his exceptional excitement online.  "Hong Kong and Macau scared me!  I am online everyday in Tokyo and see the long lines outside cinemas everywhere.  Taiwan's YOU fever seems to have reappear elsewhere, I am truly a little flattered.  I must, must fly to Hong Kong again to thank everyone.  You truly are very loyal!"

In addition, they attended a forum after the Tokyo Film Festival screening.  Many Japanese viewers called Michelle Chen "kawaii" (cute).  Michelle Chen even revealed that her next film will start production at
the end of the year but the details had to be kept confidential for now.  She also said that she would like to try characters that she has not played before, like characters with personality split or character flaws.
She hoped to show everyone a different her.  Speaking of Ko Chen-Tung's nude scene, Giddens Ko said that at home he would be dressed, but Ko Chen-Tung insisted on performing in the buff.  Ko Chen-Tung explained, "Because I wanted to have a breakthrough in my first film with nude scene, kiss scene and rain scene, I asked the director.  This way the visuals would be more interesting."  Giddens Ko joked that Japanese viewers accepted his film for two reasons: people of different cultures would laugh when they saw Ko Chen-Tung's rear but his rear "crossed all borders"; the second was true love had no border, as he shot the entire world's pursuit of love.

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