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The film THE WOMAN KNIGHT OF THE MIRROR LAKE's actors Huang Yi, Rose Chan Ka Wun and others two nights ago attended the film company's celebration.  Chan Ka Wun said that this new film was tougher.  "Because I couldn't speak (character requirement) and had very little make up, I didn't look like me.  The production background wasn't modern so there was no sign language.  I could only act with looks and body language."  With a martial art background Chan Ka Wun said that Huang Yi before the shoot learned kung fu from her.  They spent a lot of time together and had a deeper relationship.  Chan Ka Wun even found an artist to draw Huang Yi's Qiu Jin image for her.

Huang Yi said that earlier she saw the film with Qiu Jin's descendant and both she and the audience were very touched.

Huang Yi said, "This time the production was very commercial and had many fight actions.  The production method was very fresh.  Earlier I studied kung fu with Chan Ka Wun, and I taught her calligraphy."  Huang Yi in the film had a lot of action performance like swordplay and horse riding, leading to many injuries.  However thought that the film was worth all that.  "Action film has a greater sense of accomplishment and
achievement than drama."

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