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The Giddens Ko directed film YOU ARE THE APPLE OF MY EYE since its Hong Kong release has been doing gangbusters business at the box office.  As of October 30, after 11 days in release it made HK$28,427,142 and successfully defeated the Lunar New Year film I LOVE HONG KONG (NGOR OI HK HOI SUM MAN SHUI) to become the highest grossing 2D Chinese language film so far this year.  The film also heads toward 3D SEX AND ZEN: EXTREME ECSTASY (3D YUK PO TUEN ji GIK LOK BO GAM)'s over 40 million box office figure.

Yesterday Giddens Ko attended an autograph session for the film's original soundtrack.  He thanked everyone for their support.  When asked why leads Ko Chen-Tung and Michelle Chen did not come to Hong Kong to promote?  He pointed out that Ko Chen-Tung had to go to school and Michelle Chen was working on an ad campaign.  Whoever had time came to Hong Kong.  He admitted that at first he never imagined that the film would have such a great response, the performance made him feel flattered and stunned both leads.

As for the film original soundtrack, it also sold over 10,000 copies already.  He took part in the creation of two songs and thus he would have royalty.  Giddens Ko said, "Making this movie changed me.  At first when I wrote this book I stank.  This film production was the collaboration of many people.  I am very touched to have such a good performance.  Thank you Shen Chia-Yi."  He pointed out that Shen Chia-Yi's family and friends have already seen the film, but she and her husband live in the Mainland so they have not seen it yet.  He has contacted her and hoped to know what she felt about the movie after seeing it.  He also
told her after the film release she might be the target of reporters; but Shen Chia-Yi trusted Giddens Ko would protect her and would not blame him.

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