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SNOW FLOWER AND THE SECRET FLOWER, DETECTIVE DEE AND THE MYSTERY OF THE PHANTOM FLAME and 1911 has increased Li Bingbing's popularity and sped up her pace toward the international film industry.  Yesterday RESIDENT EVIL film series star Milla Jovovich excitedly revealed online that Li Bingbing has joined the RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION's Ada Wong.  Li Bingbing's manager Ji Xiang confirmed the news and said that Li Bingbing was working in Beijing on the city romance I DO and will meet up with Milla Jovovich at its completion.  Paul W.S. Anderson is set to direct RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION, which is scheduled for a September 14 release.

Currently Li Bingbing is working on the city romance I DO with Sun Honglei and Duan Yihong.  The team has been rushing Li Bingbing's part.  Ji Xiang revealed that Li Bingbing got up at 3AM every morning and went to bed at 12AM.  She could only do aerobic exercises during the shoot to stay awake.  "Two days ago during the rain and the location change, Bingbing ran into a traffic jam.  The car did not move for 20 minutes.  Half a hour away from the destination, Bingbing decided to walk.  That day she even wore high heels and the umbrella was not big enough no matter what.  Like that she arrived at the set, and all of our hearts ached for her."

Why did she make I DO in such an intense time?  Ji Xiang admitted, "The biggest reason for Bingbing to take the role in I DO is that she feels very similar to the character, with a pursuit for love and a goal in life.  Her attitude toward work is more loyal to how she feels inside.  These are all the directions that modern city girls should persist toward.  These all touched Bingbing, which made her decide to make this film."

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