Friday, October 21, 2011


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TEARS OF FALLEN CITY (KING SING JI LUI) will be released nationwide simultaneously on December 24.  The film two days ago held the "First Tear" premiere opening ceremony in Hefei.  Director Barbara Wong Chun Chun paid a lot of attention to this film.  Not only has she protected the film with strict security but also personally attended and participated in the event with Zhou Dongyu.  Director Wong felt that making a movie was like love, only with several more feelings would it be fun.

Zhou Dongyu's two films have given people the innocent and cute impression.  After this film's screening, viewers said that in UNDER THE HAWTHORN TREE Zhou Dongyu as Jingqiu was very moving.  Two years later her acting has greatly improved, but her basic nature has not changed.  Before the screening, the organizer prepared tissues for everyone.  After the screening the tissues were all gone, because Zhou
Dongyu and Aarif Rahman (Lee Chi Ting)'s romance made many cry on their own.

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