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Director Oxide Pang Shun and Angelica Lee Sinjie's first film after marriage, SLEEPWALKER 3D (MUNG YAU 3D) was already their third collaboration.  However this time was not about ghost but sleepwalking.  Sinjie even thought that the shoot was very fun.  In the film she discovered that when she woke up she was still wearing pajamas but in high heels and had mud on her hands.  She suspected that she killed her missing former husband while sleepwalking.

Sinjie deeply believed that dream was a type of sixth sense or subconscious.  She personally supported the latter more and thought that perhaps due to large life pressure people subconsciously hid deep inside.  Thus they should properly face their fears.  In the past Sinjie also kept dreaming because she accumulated too much.  Once she even woke with tear marks on her face.  However she would rarely have the same dream and she never asked anyone to explain it.  Some said that she should have sweet dreams now from the perfect marriage.  She said, "After marriage I really haven't shed tears while dreaming, but Hubby says that I sometimes would talk in my sleep."  Sinjie also pointed out that she might be too in character.  After the shoot when she returned home to sleep she would see her character and perform it once more.

Sinjie this time worked with her good friend Charlie Yeung Choi Nei for the first time.  They met over ten years ago when Charlie opened a studio.  At the time Sinjie's manager asked her to shoot an image photo
for Sinjie.  Later they started to talk over the phone.  Sinjie said, "That should be the 'Girl Generation'.  After the photos were shown to the film company boss I was immediately hired."  However they did not have many scenes together and did not have enough fun.  Charlie suggested that they could work together next time or add another friend Gigi Leung Wing Kei to make a woman film.  Speaking of Sinjie having both career and family, Charlie said that she wished Sinjie well from the heart and believed that Sinjie would be a good wife and mother.  Meanwhile she was waiting for the right one, left it up to nature and would not deliberately force anything.

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