Thursday, October 20, 2011


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Once signed with Jackie Chan's company, film star Christopher Wong Sung Wai studied art history and education at the university.  After joining the business he liked to make art films.  In his new film LOVE ACTUALLY SUCKS (OI HUNG LAN) he performed in the nude and challenged the sensitive subject of "incest".  He had confidence in the director Scud (Wan Cheung) and the production team.  He had a nude bed scene with Mainland star Li Zihan.  For a bed scene in a remote island, photographer Herman Yau Lai To even climbed on a tree to shoot.  It was truly dangerous for Yau Lai To who was less than mobile.

Because of the story's sensitive subject, the film was rated category III.  The censors still cut the sibling bed scene in the film. Christopher said, "The bed scene wasn't particularly outrageous, but the characters being siblings made the censors cut the bed scene and blur the screen.  Other actors' 'hard core' scenes were not asked to be cut."

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