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The 16th Busan International Film Festival New Currents jury chief, Hong Kong director Yonfan recently along with other jury members like Japanese actor Joe Odagiri, Locarno Film Festival director Olivier Pere, Mainland actress Jiang Wenli and Korean producer Oh Jung-Wan selected award winners from the New Currents films in competition.  Yonfan even brought seven restored representative films COLOR BLOSSOMS (TOH SIK), PEONY PAVILION (YAU YUEN GAING MUNG), PROMISING MISS BOWIE (JOOK FOOK), BISHONEN (MEI SIU NIN JI LUEN), IN BETWEEN (SUN TUNG GUI SI DOI), A CERTAIN ROMANCE (SIU NUI YUT GEI) and DOUBLE FIXATION (YI LUEN CHING MAI) to be screened during the film festival; he also was the guest at a forum that featured his work for interaction and discussions with Korean film viewers and fans after the screening.

Yonfan personally attended the forum and shared the rich messages that were included in his films.  He also had in depth exchanges with other film professionals like Tsui Hark, Im Kwok-Taek, and Jiang Wenli.

In recent years, Yonfan has been busy with the all new digital restoration of his films.  Some have already appeared in film festivals around the world.  LAST ROMANCE (LAU GUM SHUI YUET) would only be limited to Hong Kong release.  With this digital restoration, viewers would not only be able to enjoy Cherie Chung Chor Hung and Maggie Cheung Man Yuk's past youthful glory but also savor their exciting performance.

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