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The film DWELLING IN THE FUCHUN MOUNTAINS yesterday held a production start ceremony at one of the ten spots in West Lake, Hengzhou, Pinhuqiu.  Attendees included Andy Lau Tak Wa, Lin Chiling, Zhang Jingchu, and Tong Dawei.  This film would be similar to a 007 treasure hunt story.  Later it will shoot in Hengzhou, Taipei, Tokyo, Milan, Dubai and other locations.

The actors yesterday rode dragon shaped boats on West Lake.  Fans filled the lakeside.  When Wa Jai, Lin Chiling and others arrived, cheers rose.  Wa Jai and other actors waved to everyone form the boat.  Phoenix Satellite boss Liu Changle, China Film Group boss Han Sanping, Media Asia Entertainment executive John Chong Ching and others yesterday also attended the ceremony.  Han Sanping pointed out that this film's male lead had to be Wa Jai.  Because of Wa Jai, the production waited until this year.

Speaking of playing the "Eastern 007" this time, Wa Jai joked that he too wanted to become 007 but would depend on how the director shot it.  Tong Dawei this time played a villain and he was very happy to be able to work with Wa Jai.  To him it was a dream.  Lin Chiling in the film would appear with various costumes.  Zhang Jingchu's right arm was bruised.  She said that this character was very different.  The director joked that after making this film, no one would dare to want her because her character was.  Did Wa Jai have to fight?  He joked that he was a substance actor so he did not have to fight.  People laughed and Wa Jai immediately joked, "Don't mock me."

Wa Jai pointed out that in the film he and his girlfriend broke up and got back together, just like the painting DWELLING IN THE FUCHUN MOUNTAINS.  Was Lin Chiling or Zhang Jingchu his girlfriend?  He joked htat of course she would not be so tall.  Chiling joked that she would be eliminated because of her height.  Wa Jai joked, "That's right, who told me to be so short."  Yet reportedly Lin Chiling was Wa Jai's wife, after breaking up he was with Zhang Jingchu.

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