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Two Best Actors Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and Tony Leung Ka Fai starred new film COLD WAR (HONG JIN) yesterday held a press conference.  Yesterday was Sing Sing's birthday and the event arranged for a plane shaped cake to celebrate with him.  Sing Sing revealed that he would meet 20 friends for dinner and admitted that rumored girlfriend Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam) would attend.

Kwok Fu Sing, Leung Ka Fai, Aarif Rahman (Lee Chi Ting), Eddie Peng Yu-yen, Chin Kar Lok and Lam Ka Tung introduced their characters.  Ka Fai said that the last time he worked with Sing Sing was THROW DOWN (YAU DOH LUNG FU BONG) years ago.  He thought that his acting was more and more stable and mature.  How will Sing Sing celebrate his birthday?  He said, "Probably dinner, with around 20 friends.  (Was Hung Doi Lam invited?)  I invited her, she should be in Hong Kong."  Speaking of Hung Doi Lam stating that she had a headache from preparing a birthday gift, he said, "Many friends all say that, actually I am already very happy about good friends having the time to meet.  It's fortune."  Sing Sing thanked his friends for already planning the celebration months ago because he could not promise to attend.  He said, "Friends said they didn't care if I couldn't come.  For example Shum Ka Wai deliberately came back from Beijing.  This birthday could be considered unexpected because I always thought I would have to work.  Luckily the team won't have a notice until tomorrow night so I have more time."

In the film playing a rival character opposite Leung Ka Fai, Sing Sing said that it will be an exciting film that battles wits, courage and ruthlessness.  He hoped to be able to create another classic after INFERNAL AFFAIRS (MO GAN DOH).  Sing Sing also said that earlier they shot a major explosion scene that used three hydrogen bombs to create a giant fire ball.  Although the effect was dangerous but the actors on the set
were very safe.  Has Hung Doi Lam visited the set?  Sing Sing said, "I don't like friends visiting the set, I am afraid that work would be affected.  People who understand me know that I focus on work.  Even manager Siu Mei rarely appears."  As for Andy Lau Tak Wa, he had a part but did not appear yesterday.  The press release did not mention Wa Jai's name.  Sing Sing said, "For now I have to keep it confidential, Wa Jai plays a very important character.  My scenes with him earlier have already been completed."

Sing Sing joked that he grew up watching his performance, Leung Ka Fai did not mind.  "He probably saw my commercials.  In my growth process I made many commercials, if I have to count it would take awhile."
Ka Fai praised that Sing Sing's acting now has become more and more mature and called him "Heavenly King Best Actor".  Will he attend Sing Sing's birthday dinner?  He said, "When will he have time to eat with us?"  Did he feel Sing Sing and Hung Doi Lam make a good couple?  Ka Fai said, "You can tell from how solid Lynn's acting is, turning from a model to an actress.  If they are truly boyfriend and girlfriend, privately they must have very deep exchanges."

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