Monday, October 17, 2011


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Pang Ho Cheung's debut as a director ten years ago, the film YOU SHOOT I SHOOT (MAI HUNG PAK YUN) recently completed its digital restoration and was released on Blu Ray video.  Two nights ago it was screened in a cinema.

Jim Chim Shui Man after watching the digital restoration version was sentimental.  Chim Shui Man said, "A lot has changed over these ten years.  Back then still a DJ on Commercial Radio, Pang Ho Cheung approached me and said that he had a script to show me.  He also showed me his work.  He said that he would become a director soon.  After watching his work, I discovered that he was a mad man.  His work was very bloody.  I also discovered that he truly had some understanding of me.  Thus we very quickly agreed to work together."  He said that before making the film, few knew him.  Because of the film his popularity rose and even his income jumped.  Pang Ho Cheung said, "Now he is rich."

Pang Ho Cheung said that he always maintained as collaborative  relationship with Chim Shui man.  They recently worked together on the film LOVE IN A PUFF 2 (CHUN GIU YU JI MING).  Pang Ho Cheung responded to the audience that the film that he was the most dissatisfied with was EXODUS (CHOOK AI CUP GEI).  Without any line in the film Chim Shui Man joked, "He was the most dissatisfied so he banned me from speaking in the film."  Chim Shui Man hoped that he and Pang Ho Cheung would work together again, with him as the director and Pang Ho Cheung as the actor.

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