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The Emperor Motion Picture DIVA is producer Chapman To Man Jat and director Heiward Mak Hei Yan tailored for Joey Yung Chi Yi.  The film has cast Mag Lam Yun Tung as its second female lead.  Yesterday she attended a costume fitting.  Yung Cho Yi revealed seriously that this film gave her a lot of stress.

Yung Cho Yi's music diva position was solid as a rock, but recently rising Lam Yun Tung has shown potential as well.  Since Lam Yun Tung joined Emperor, the media has always mentioned her in the same breath as elder Joey.  This time their direct exchange for the first time in a movie should set of a lot of spark.  In reality Lam Yun Tung saw Joey as her goal and this time in the film her character was also Joey's fan.  Working with her idol for the first time she was very happy.

Emperor Motion Picture DIVA director Mak Hei Yan saw Lam Yun Tung's acting potential and thus asked her to perform.  Lam Yun Tung's character costume yesterday was unveiled for the first time.  Her innocent image was just like her looks.  Lam Yun Tung this time could be considered playing herself.  In the film she played a girl who loved to sing and constantly competed in different singing contests.  Finally she was discovered.  Her character was a reflection of her real life.  Joey in the film had ambiguous scenes with Hu Ge.  Lam Yun Tung earlier has only worked on 72 TENANTS OF PROSPERITY (72 GA JO HAT) and did not have any romantic story line.  However this time her first time would go to Carlos Chan Ka Lok as they would have intimate scenes in the film.

Director Mak Hei Yan would like to make Lam Yun Tung into a Hong Kong Cheer Chen Yi Jing.  She thought that Lam Yu Tung could sing and also had her own style.  She also thought that she had acting potential that could be developed into a diva.  She would likely succeed Joey as the next generation diva.  Lam Yun Tung and Joey would have many scenes together.

Yung Cho Yi recently has been completely invested in the new film.  Always serious at work she revealed the enormous stress online.  "Acting with a learner's permit, today's scenes had me tossing and turning all day.  The producer apologized to me as this scene originally should wait until I was completely in character, but I replied inside, 'Some things are inevitable.' Like at first I became singer without any mental preparation.  Today, my acting absolutely is not top notch, but I appreciate the producer's guidance that releases my emotions, sincerity and honesty.  I should be able to sleep."

"In addition, aside from talent, acting truly needs a lot of life experience to enrich this virtual space.  The performance today says that over the years the roads I traveled were not wasted.  No matter how painful they were, they are the best formula for today's achievement.  Good night!"

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