Wednesday, October 19, 2011


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Rose Chan Ka Hung yesterday modeled a stocking event.  Today Rose will return to the Mainland to work on two films.  First she will go to Hengdian for Wong Jing's SIU GUNG JUN MO LUM (LAUGHTER KUNG FU ROCKS MARTIAL ART WORLD), then she will go to Yunnan for the Xiong Xinxin directed GUANG HUI SUI YUE.  She will have to fight in both films and expect to wrap up both in January next year.  Would she lose extra money making opportunities?  She said, "My full time job is acting!  However I will have to reschedule some jobs that I took earlier to be done after my return."  Michelle Ye (Yip Shuen) reportedly found a boyfriend in the Mainland, would she like to?  She said, "No, I hope to focus on making movies first."  She also said that if she was dating, communication would be the most important.  Thus she would not mind the issue of geography.  Would she mind finding a Mainland boyfriend?  She said, "I mind dating myself!  Because I will turn 19 next month, I don't want to date so soon.  My birthday wish is for career and not for a boyfriend.  (Would you want a career line?)  I don't want line, the line on my hand (career line) is OK too."

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