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Chrissie Chau, Law Chung Him
Mia, Jeana Ho
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The film HONG KONG GHOST STORIES (MANG GWAI OI CHING GOO SI) two nights ago held a premiere.  Attendees included Chrissie Chau Sau Na, Jeana Ho Pui Yu, Charmaine Fong Ho man and pseudo model Mia.  With all the low cut ladies, Chau Sau Na helplessly lost a battle.  However she
still insisted that she was confident.

Chau Sau Na with the film BEACH SPIKE (YIT LONG KAU OI JIN) won a Chicago Best Actress award.  She admitted that this was her first film award and was greatly encouraged.  She hoped to be able to win Hong Kong and Asian awards in the future and that viewers would see her movies because of her.  Would she stop being sexy because of her Best Actress status?  She said that she has only joined the film industry for two years, she could try many characters.

Jeana in the film played a paper doll with a 38H top measurement.  In order to make her chest stand out she added six pads on each side during the shoot.  She joked that this experience was research for next year's breast enhancement and would share this experience with the doctor.  She was afraid that this measurement would be too much for her back.  Earlier a woman lost her life from breast enhancement.  She insisted on getting one, but would choose a team that she would trust.

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