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The world's first microblog film HALLOWEEN MICROBLOG trilogy's WITNESS after ten hours online on the 18th already broke 2 million hits.

The film was a suspenseful and mysterious microblog story.  A car accident took away the protagonist Qiu Qiu's husband.  Looking for justice for her husband, Qiu Qiu beg for witnesses on the street where her husband had the accident.  At the news stand Bao Xiaochuan grew sympathetic to Qiu Qiu's persistence and decided to help Qiu Qiu look for a witness.  As everything was about to be cleared up, the "witness" died in an accident.

WITNESS' high hit rate not only spoke volumes about the film's popularity but also reflected the internet was no longer satisfied with fast food entertainment.  Visitors longed to see even more "nutritious" work to satisfying their growing appreciation value.

HALLOWEEN MICROBLOG trilogy micro movies used three different style stories and many different angles to display the internet ecology and complex humanity in the all new social media environment to make users think about microblog use.  Without big stars or exaggerated promotional gimmick, the films only relied on intriguing plots and social phenomenon for internet recognition.  The social response they created was
not hard to see.

Reportedly, Linksus Internet Film and Video center made the HALLOWEEN MICROBLOG's first season trilogy and Ku6 network joint released it.  After HALLOWEEN MICROBLOG's WITNESS's release, the other two films PRIVATE MESSAGE and @ WHO WHO will be online on October 23 and 31.  Over 100 million Chinese internet users would be able to enjoy the other two "style" films.

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